Last updated: 2022-07-13

About to enter should have been my final semester of uni, but I just switched my second major from Data Science to Cybersecurity which annoyingly has one unit that I cannot complete till S1 2023.

Just started working as a software engineer at NGIS which I am extremely excited about. I did end up being the last person to leave on my first day, trigger the alarm system, and fail to figure out how to turn it off, prompting a company wide email the next day. Whoops.

I'm also currently working on the Coders For Causes 2022 Winter Project, POOPS. Until semester starts proper I intend to carouse and read. Spent last week in Mandurah doing the former, spending this week doing the latter.

Currently learning Nest.js/Angular/Postgres for NGIS, Next.js/React.js/Firestore for CFC, and reading The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett. React is tempting me to rewrite this site, but I will try to resist.

I just quit my job at Spritz after 5 years. Mario gave me some kind advice about not undervaluing myself in the future and then said something in Italian that made the whole resturant cheer when I said my final goodbye. I will miss them.