Memory Leaks

Artisanally crafted text dumps

LibKey Nomad's Stolen Valour

Spoilers for The Fault in Our Stars, I guess

Minecraftle v1.1


Enumerating some small usability changes

A small footgun for beginners using Vercel

Building resuable components in plain HTML using Jinja

Antisocial Media


An ode to the GitHub following feed

Collaborative Awe


Minor but impactful differences between DALL·E and Midjourney

Using Pandoc to well below its fullest potential!

Always be closing

"another spaghetto in my spaghetti"

Some (extremely) mildly interesting quirks in Minecraft.jar

Enhancement Proposal for the h Programming Language



An experience I have had many times and should be numb to by now.

Basic SeleniumBasic


Writing down everything that's required to get VBA and Selenium to work together before link rot sets in.