A list of "usable" things I have developed that are on the internet. The wiki has detailed writeups on a few of these. I also have a list of more boring projects. Most of these are open source.

Penultimate Guitar A better UI for Ultimate Guitar

Mastodon Thread Unroller A svelte thread unroller for Mastodon

Alculator The cheapest products at Dan Murphy's, per standard drink

Minecraftle A daily puzzle game fusing Minecraft crafting recipes and Wordle

POOPS A PWA for Pets of Older Persons for registering vet concerns and logging incident reports

Status Messenger A VS Code extension for pushing messages to the status bar

Ochrs My personal notes and the generator I use to publish them

WA COVID-19 Tracker A dashboard for COVID-19 cases in WA

snakeware OS Contributed to snakeware, a Linux distro with a pure Python userspace