A list of "usable" things I have developed that are on the internet. The archive has detailed writeups on a few of these. I also have a list of more boring projects.

Penultimate Guitar

An alternate frontend for Ultimate Guitar that doesn't suck on phones.
Built with TypeScript, Next.js+Tailwind, Prisma+Postgres and deployed on Vercel

Source code - Writeup


A tool to help find the cheapest products at Dan Murphy's, per standard drink.
Built with TypeScript, React, Next.js, Vercel, and abuse of Dan Murphy's public APIs

Source code - Writeup

POOPS Platform

Contributed to the Coders For Causes Winter Project, an open-source progressive web app built for the Pets of Older Persons. The PWA helps the nonprofit's volunteers track their volunteering activities, register vet concerns and log incident reports.
Built with TypeScript, React, Next.js, Tailwind, and Firebase

Source code


A daily puzzle game fusing Minecraft crafting recipes and Wordle.
Built with Flask

Source code - Writeup

Status Messenger

A VS Code extension that displays messages from a remote server in the status bar. Designed to serve as a constant reminder of how long it's been since someone broke prod. Also came with an accompanying API server to interact with it.
Built with TypeScript and a simple server built with Flask

Source code - Writeup

WA COVID-19 Tracker

A recurringly generated static website that displays the number of local COVID-19 cases overnight in Western Australia. Data is scraped from the WA Department of Health media releases.
Built with Python (matplotlib, BeautifulSoup, jinja) and SQLite

Source code - Writeup

snakeware OS

Contributed system applications and documentation for snakeware, an open-source project creating a Linux-based operating system with a pure Python userspace.
Built with Python

Source code - Writeup