A list of "usable" things I have developed that are on the internet

POOPS Platform (2022)

Contributed to the Coders For Causes Winter Project, an open-source progressive web app built for the Pets of Older Persons. The PWA helps the nonprofit's volunteers track their volunteering activities, register vet concerns and log incident reports.

Built with TypeScript, React, Next.js, Tailwind, and Firebase

WA COVID-19 Tracker (2022)

A recurringly generated static website that displays the number of local COVID-19 cases overnight in Western Australia. Data is scraped from the WA Department of Health media releases.

Built with Python (matplotlib, BeautifulSoup, jinja) and SQLite

snakeware OS (2020)

Contributed system applications and documentation for snakeware, an open-source project creating a Linux-based operating system with a pure Python userspace.

Built with Python

University Projects

Minecraftle (2022)

A daily puzzle game fusing Minecraft crafting recipes and Wordle.

Built with Flask

rake (2022)

Developed client and server applications for rake, a protocol for distributed compilation and remote command execution.

Built with C and Python

duplicates (2021)

duplicates is a command line utility for finding duplicate files in directories based on SHA2 hashes.

Built with C

runcool (2021)

runcool is an emulator of a simple 16-bit computer designed to execute programs compiled from the esoteric programming language cool.

Built with C

Aquarium (2020)

A randomly-generated puzzle game in the vein of Picross.

Built with Java

Some more boring projects are listed here here. More detailed writeups on some of these can be found here.