Boring things that are only here so I don't lose the links to them

Broke Prod? A page to report broken deployments to api.zachmanson.com, so Status Messenger can stay updated.

api.zachmanson.com A simple API server for various purposes.

ironprof A simple static site generator that allows for component insertion into plain HTML using jinja templating. ironprof is used to build this website.

Mean Reversion Trading Algorithm Led a small team to develop quantitative trading algorithms based on mean reversion techniques with QFin UWA. Our final algorithm outperformed all other teams' algorithms, and was presented to IMC Trading.

Todont A simple persistent todo list application.

University Projects

rake Developed client and server applications for rake, a protocol for distributed compilation and remote command execution.

duplicates duplicates is a command line utility for finding duplicate files in directories based on SHA2 hashes.

runcool runcool is an emulator of a simple 16-bit computer designed to execute programs compiled from the esoteric programming language cool.

Aquarium A randomly-generated puzzle game in the vein of Picross.